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Tiny Homes are a phenomenon in the New Zealand housing market. A tiny home is a compact dwelling that is much smaller than a traditional sprawling building yet still featuring all the amenities that make a house a home. Designed with functionality in mind and featuring a minimalistic aesthetic, CompacHomes cabins come in three differing sizes with huge potential to customise the design and layout. From one bedroom right through to three, with a kitchen, bathroom and living space, our tiny homes are an innovative and sustainable way to create an affordable living space for your family.


Tiny Home NZ

With inflation and the rising cost of living, finding an affordable space to call your own is a daunting prospect in the current housing market. Tiny Homes are a much more affordable option to create your own living area. With the smaller-scale size, fewer building materials and labour hours are required meaning you can have a home without mortgaging away your future.

Many Kiwi’s are shifting towards tiny homes, fuelled by the appeal of a simpler lifestyle, and a more sustainable way of living that can be designed and built within a reasonable budget. The flexibility of a tiny home is also an attractive prospect, with our cabins coming with wheels making them easily movable from site to site, or installable in a beautiful rural setting. Take in the beauty of our backyard while downsizing your footprint with a highly functional living space. 

Tiny Home for Sale NZ

Tiny Homes are an increasingly popular option across the country. There are several avenues to explore when looking for Tiny Homes in your area, from local builders and companies right through to social media and online communities. CompacHomes are based in North Waikato, but offer nationwide sale and delivery. We have a broad design outline that is highly customisable depending on your specifications and requirements. We can access rural areas and for the trickier sites offer onsite visits from our team to figure out the best approach to delivering your new home to wherever you decide you want to live. Our trusted contractors help us to deliver the cabin to your property, where our experienced team will help position your cabin accordingly.

Tiny Home Builders NZ

Selecting a builder for your Tiny Home is an important choice. While some people opt to DIY their own cabin on the land, we can offer tried and true builds that have been satisfying our customers for the last decade. Having a company or builder who understands the legislation and the consent laws can make a huge difference when it comes to designing, building and installing a tiny home on your property. Our tiny homes are sold as a vehicle under the Land Transport Act 1998, meaning they are not considered a building and have less strictures on the consent front. Featuring wheels and a removable drawbar, our cabins are designed with functionality in mind, easily transportable from one site to the next. At CompacHomes we use quality materials and an intuitive design to create a modern living space that will make you wonder why you didn’t consider downsizing earlier. 

The Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

There are many benefits to living in a Tiny Home. Aside from the affordability factor – which is massive in the current economic climate – our tiny homes are designed with efficiency in mind. This allows you to utilise your living space to its maximum potential, while remaining comfortable and cozy in a modern dwelling. The flexibility of tiny homes is also an attractive option. Being designed and delivered with wheels means our cabins are highly movable, and require only a small plot of land to be established upon. We also have the environment to consider, and are happy to customise your cabin to be as eco-friendly as possible. With a smaller space comes a smaller footprint, and renewable options such as solar are easily installable. 


Overall, the economic aspect is a no-brainer, but the simplicity and beauty of a minimalistic yet functional living space is a large reason why many fellow New Zealanders are forgoing the classic housing market for something more flexible and sustainable. 


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