Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customise a build to our design?


We have over twenty of our standard designed floorplans ranging from single units to self-contained homes with a very small flexible margin to suit any customers needs. Enquire about what you have in mind and our design staff at Compac Homes can develop a design to a certain extent according to your requirements. We'll make planning your Compac Home a breeze.
(Any changes to our standard designs will incur a % fee)


Do you sell your cabins in kit sets or shells?


We do not provide kit sets to sell. However, we can do a "lockable shell". This lockable shell is either on steel skids or a towable trailer base and includes your aluminium joinery. The lockable shell however will not contain insulation, wiring, plumbing or lining.


Are the cabins insulated?

Yes, all of our Compac Homes are fully insulated with Bradford Gold throughout.
We use a thermal building wrap throughout and under the floor to act as a weather barrier. We do recommend our customers to install Expol under the home once you have it all set up on site.

What about power and water?

How do we connect to the power?

All the cabins at Compac Homes have an electrical COC - code of compliance.
They come with an outdoor caravan plug which you would use a caravan lead to connect to your existing power source.
If there is no existing power source you can use a builders temp (pole/box) for a power connection.
If you're still curious about how the power works contact us via phone or email so we can help you further.

How do we connect to the water supply?

The self-contained cabins are connected to a current household tap connection or can be hard connected by a plumber.

How do we deal with our waste water?

There are many options to deal with your waste water.
You can get a plumber to hard connect your waste water to an existing septic tank.
Most of our customers prefer to upgrade to a macerating system which helps to deal with all the water and solid waste through one pipe connecting to an existing septic tank or gully trap.
If there is no existing septic tank and you're not planning to get one installed you can upgrade to a composting toilet.

If you have any questions or you're still confused with the ins and outs of this process give us a call or email so we can help you further.

Delivery and set up

What setup and prep do I need to do on my behalf?

There are a few things you can do on your behalf to make the delivery run smoothly.
You will need to ensure that the site is clear of any objects or things that could make the delivery difficult or near impossible.
A few of these things would be:
Height - We will need a 3.5m height clearance from trees, power lines, or anything above that may damage the cabin or affect entrance etc.
Width - The entry access should be 1m wider than the cabin to tow on-site. You also need to ensure that there's lead space to pivot etc. if need be.
Foundation - You can have the area levelled or set up ready to place the cabin in the requested position. This will help to keep your delivery cost down if there is little site work needed for us to do.
If you need help with your site or have any questions get in contact with us.

What will affect/determine my delivery cost?

We charge an hourly return rate for all of our delivery's. Your delivery cost is determined by the size of your Compac Home, your location, what condition your site is in and what you require us to do onsite. Your delivery cost could be affected by whether or not you require your Compac Home to be delivered after hours.
Please get in contact with us to enquire about our delivery costs and what our normal standard delivery days/times are.

Do you handle the delivery?

Yes, the delivery is all organised and done by us. If you would like to speak to us about the process feel free to contact us.


How much deposit do I have to pay to get started?

We require a 30% deposit prior to starting the build stage.
The rest of the payment is invoiced and paid before the delivery date.

Do you provide a rent to buy option?

Unfortunately we don't provide a rent to buy option a this point in time.. However, we do have rentals available.
Contact us to enquire about the rental sizes, availability and prices.

What if I have questions that have not been answered in the FAQ?

Contact us

The staff at Compac Homes are welcome to any questions or suggestions. Please feel free to send us any queries that you'd like to be answered to.
Email us at "sales@compachomes.co.nz" if there is anything we have not covered. We will be updating our website now and then, so be sure to pop back to see whats new.